index_16.jpgXiangyang jiade machinery co., ltd. was established in Jan. 2015,” located in xiangyang city, which we saying “the river passes through the city, the green mountains of ten miles stretch into the city”, and work teams of the company have rich professional experiences for product design, development, and manufacturing technology.

 Our company is specialized in research, development, production and sales of multi-roll leveler, tension leveler and spare parts, bearings etc., which passed ISO9001-2008 quality certification. We have 50 employees, among which 10 are senior technical persons.

Our company has more than 20 sets all kinds of professional precision grinding processing equipment, 10 sets CNC lathe and milling machine. We are the leader in the manufacture multi-leveler, tension leveler machine, work roll and backup roll in same domestic industry. With good reputation, now we serve in domestic steel company, aluminum processing company, state-owned and private enterprises, e.g. Ansteel, Wusteel, HBIS, TYHI, Jinan steel, Chinalco etc.

We always uphold the purpose of “create value for customer, create future for employees,       create profits for shareholder, and create wealth for society” We always insist on continuous technological innovation and professional manufacture, let the professionals to do the professional thing, provide customers with the best service.  

      We wish to cooperation with new and old customer, and seeking common development!

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